• R150 Entry Fee
  • March 2021


  • R100 Entry Fee
  • 26 sept 2020


  • R100 Entry Fee
  • 28 november 2020


Every weekend needs new adventures

General information regarding the, entry fees, packages, categories, steps to enter & substitutions will be provided in the section below

The event takes place from 16 March 2020 in the town of Welkom, Free State 

Entries Open Till the Day Of the Event
Entries are available on the day
Entry Fee : R150 pp

1. All competitors must sign a Release of Liability prior to each event.
2. All competitors must abide by all instructions given by BSSA event officials. (COTC)
3. Cutters must be at least 18 years old. Or be accompanied by guardian
4. All competitors must use a legal knife / chopper.
5. A safety meeting must be attended prior to each event.
6. Only knives that have a sturdy sheath will be allowed in event area. Zipper cases will
not be allowed.
7. No slick soled footwear will be allowed in event area, no bare feet.
8. Eye protection must be worn at all times while in event area.
9. Alcohol, performance enhancing drugs or illegal substances will not be tolerated at any
BSSA event, workshop, training session or demonstration.
10. All knives must be placed and remain in an area designated by event officials at the time
of an event.
11. Only one (1) knife will be unsheathed at a time unless directed by event officials.
12. Event officials will inspect all knives prior to the start of each competition for adherence
to BSSA knife specifications. Officials will also inspect knives for any noticeable
damage during events.
13. Penalties will be administered for any safety, rules or procedure infraction. Penalties
will range from a warning, up to and including disqualification.
14. Infractions posing a threat to spectators, officials, other Cutters or the Cutter him/herself
will result in immediate disqualification. Disqualified Cutters will receive 0 (zero)
points for the Event.
15. Infractions determined to be minor will result in a five (5) point deduction from the
cutter’s score or a five (5) second addition to the Cutter’s time, depending on the type of

1. Maximum knife size specifications:
• Blade Length –MAX 10″ (measured from the front of the handle to the blade tip)
• Overall Length – MAX 15″ (measured from the back of the handle to the blade tip)
• Blade Width – MAX 2″ (measured at the widest part of the blade)
• Blade and Handle Thickness – No restrictions
2. From the plunge cut at the ricasso through the knife tip must be a single plane. No swells
or bulges are allowed.
3. False edges and grinds along the spine to reduce weight or drag are allowed.
4. Added weights forward of the handle are not allowed.
5. No holes in the blade forward of the handle will be allowed except for integrals where the
blade is measured from the plunge line. The lanyard hole can be placed to the rear of the
plunge line which would be in the guard or ferral on an integral.
6. All Handles must have at least 1 visible pin or tube that passes through the handle material
and tang.
7. All Knives must have a secure lanyard hole with a sturdy wrist lanyard, if the lanyard hole
is at the back of handle ( osborn type lanyard pattern )
BSSA event officials may disqualify any knife if the lanyard system, in any way, presents a
safety hazard.
8.All Knives must have a sturdy sheath to be allowed in the event area.
9.It is recommended that knives be built with a full or a full tapered tang. Hidden tang
designs are acceptable with the following restrictions:
• Only tangs that have been drawn soft to eliminate brittleness are to be used for hidden
tang designs.
• The event officials at any BSSA gathering may ask questions to determine if knives
meet specifications. .
• No Hidden tang knives allowed.
10. No part of the handle (or guard) shall extend further forward than the rearmost part of the
cutting edge.
11. All knives must have been tested prior to competition.
12. All knife design features are subject to the approval of the event Officials.
13. Production Knives:
• A knife will be considered a “production knife” if more than 20 of the same design
are manufactured commercially
• Two (2) finished models and one (1) heat-treated blade blank must be sent to a
designated SA BladeSports official for testing prior to approval.
• Production knives must conform to all current BladeSports SA knife specifications.
• Each approved production knife will have a certificate designating it as a tested and
approved model. BladeSports SA accepts no responsibility and gives no guaranties for
the performance of any knife. Knives that are submitted must successfully pass a
number of extreme tests before the design is approved.

  • All categories: Trophies awarded to the first 3 places.
  • Suggestions
    Not all to be included
    But 10-15 challenges selected
    This will be a timed event.
    • Discipline #1 – 2 x 4 speed cut ( horizontal beam , cut through beam between
    marks @ 5 inch & 15 inch ) 10 points only for completion and entry to rest of
    • Discipline #2 – 30 mm Free hanging rope cut ( cut between tape section Lowest
    section ) 10 points only.
    • Discipline #3 – 100 mm diameter cardboard core 80 mm tall vertical chop 5 points
    partial , 10 points split.
    • Discipline #4 – Single slice 25 mm x 5 mm rubber strip 10 point.
    • Discipline #5 – Single slice plastic drinking straw Slice from top to bottom 5 points
    partial , 10 points split.
    • Discipline #6– 2 cuts Single plastic drinking straw Chop horizontal 2 points per
    successful cut Max 10 points 5 cuts .
    • No cutting on table.
    • Discipline #7 – 20mm Free hanging rope cut ( cut between tape section Lowest
    section ) 10 points only.
    • Discipline #8– 5 water bottle Chop horizontal 2 points per successful cut Max 10
    • Discipline # 9– Single chop Rolling golf ball 10 points ball split in 2.
    • Discipline # 10– Single chop Rolling tennis ball 10 points.
    • Discipline #11 – Single chop Toilet roll core Single chop 10 points.
    • Discipline #12 2 x Single slice pool noodle 5 points per completed slice 10 point.
    • Discipline #13– 2 x 4 speed cut ( horizontal or vertical beam , cut through beam
    between marks ) 10 points only for completion of course ( stop clock ).
    Alternative ideas
    • Paper slice 10
    • Credit card core chop 10
    • Playing card slice 5/10
    • Dowel stick chop 10
    • Broom stick chop 10
    • Gas pipe slice ( x 5 ) 5x 2
    • Vertical water bottle chop 10
    • PVC pipe chop 5/10
    • 15 mm rope cut, chop, cut
    • any other challenge that organizers include
  • 2 x 4 Speed cut – This will be a timed event. The top 3 finishers may be awarded prizes
    no breaks allowed
    Extra events
    Multi bottle chop The top 3 finishers may be awarded prizes
    Extra event
    Free Hanging Rope Cut – This will be an elimination style cut. The top 3 cutters may be
    awarded prizes.
    Points may be awarded for event totals and yearly totals.
    In case of a tie awards will be shared.
    Multi Station Course – The course will be designed on a per event basis.
    2 x 4, rope cut and other cuts as determined by event officials.
    Scoring totals to be kept by
    2 non competing officials and compared after event
    ( recorder on a printed form )
    For record keeping
    Final score and placements
    To be made available after prize giving !
    Funding Model :
    Each participant will pay a participation fee to assist with consumables
    Sponsors may be approached for assistance with consumables
    Prizes to be sourced from related sponsors to the knife making industry , knife making supply
    shops and other interested sponsors
    We should attempt to make spectators free of charge or a minimum charge (R20) eg.
    We should also make sure that organizers do not lose out financially by footing the bill for
    consumables needed for the competition
    BSSA steering committee
    To record and admin all records and results for the sport
    And retain a membership database of all participants include
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    Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete your entry. On confirmation of your entry, please select your payment method to complete the entry.

    You will receive an email confirmation when the payment is successful.


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