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General information regarding the, entry fees, packages, categories, steps to enter & substitutions will be provided in the section below

1. All competitors must sign a Release of Liability prior to each event.
2. All competitors must abide by all instructions given by BSSA event officials. (COTC)
3. Cutters must be at least 18 years old. Or be accompanied by guardian
4. All competitors must use a legal knife / chopper.
5. A safety meeting must be attended prior to each event.
6. Only knives that have a sturdy sheath will be allowed in event area. Zipper cases will
not be allowed.
7. No slick soled footwear will be allowed in event area, no bare feet.
8. Eye protection must be worn at all times while in event area.
9. Alcohol, performance enhancing drugs or illegal substances will not be tolerated at any
BSSA event, workshop, training session or demonstration.
10. All knives must be placed and remain in an area designated by event officials at the time
of an event.
11. Only one (1) knife will be unsheathed at a time unless directed by event officials.
12. Event officials will inspect all knives prior to the start of each competition for adherence
to BSSA knife specifications. Officials will also inspect knives for any noticeable
damage during events.
13. Penalties will be administered for any safety, rules or procedure infraction. Penalties
will range from a warning, up to and including disqualification.
14. Infractions posing a threat to spectators, officials, other Cutters or the Cutter him/herself
will result in immediate disqualification. Disqualified Cutters will receive 0 (zero)
points for the Event.
15. Infractions determined to be minor will result in a five (5) point deduction from the
cutter’s score or a five (5) second addition to the Cutter’s time, depending on the type of


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